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Piano Keys


"Helping Our Students Grow"

Our incredible team is truly the heart of Palm Beach Music School. It’s our dedication, passion and talent that keeps students invested in the learning process. Each student gets a customize lesson program using the Suzuki Method teaching approach. 

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Director of Palm Beach Music Academy

A former member of the Broward Symphony Orchestra with over 10 years of experience teaching violin to young kids. Her passion for teaching kids the basic of music like Notes and Rhythms in a Fun and interactive way makes kids curious and excited to learn more about music. She believes that learning an instrument improves language development, enhances social skills, leading to better self-esteem, and boosts kids intelligence.




Piano Instructor 
Voice Instructor  


A graduate of Southern Wesleyan University with a Bachelors degree in music with a focus on piano. She has been teaching piano since 2016 and has a desire help children and young people find their potential in and develop their love for music. One of her favorite aspects of teaching includes putting on recitals and encouraging kids to face their fears and enjoy performance. She has put on many piano recitals over the years. Seeing children come to appreciate different genres of music is very rewarding for her. Sarah has enjoyed accompanying on the piano during special ladies events for her church as well as singing with a group.

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Bachelors in Music with specialty in Guitar at the Antonio Neumane Conservatory. Jose was awarded second place at the National Classic Guitar Competition.  and second place at the International Talented Youth Competition hosted by the University of Cuenca, Ecuador.  He has over 15 years of experience teaching  and performing with guitar Orchestras and Quartets.


Violin Instructor

Master in Violin Performance at Central Michigan University with over twenty years of experience in teaching and performing. He instill his musical knowledge into each student through discipline and self-motivation. Pedro has being awarded at the International Music Competition of Youth Talents and Veha Chamichian String Competition at Central Michigan University. 

José Luis Pilozo Hablich

Guitar Instructor


Viola Instructor

Studied Violin Performance at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. He has brought a fresh perspective on music education. An inspiration for both students and faculty alike, Sebastian is one of our most beloved teachers at Palm Beach Music Academy.

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